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DIVA cables and power cords are the result of more than 20 years of research and experimentation by designer T S Lim and his audiophile friends.

The cables do not boast sophisticated technology, such as 6N (99.99997%) or 7N (99.999997%) purity. Hence, they cost only a fraction of "high end" cables. Yet they exceed the performance of these cables by far.

What's the secret?

First, listening tests on more than a thousand different cables over the years.

Second, experimentation with different methods of wiring, soldering, cable plugs... even different lengths.

From these experiments, Lim came to a number of important conclusions:

    1. The interconnect between source and preamp has to be different from the interconnect between preamp and power amp.

    2. Length matters. But it is not a case of the shorter the better. By altering the cable length by 4 mm each time - and listening very carefully - Lim and his friends reached the conclusion that interconnect cables sound best when they are about 1.8m long.

    3. Cables need not be fat, stiff and costly in order to sound good.

Again, do not dismiss DIVA cables and power cords because of their low prices. They are all highly revealing, highly dynamic and highly musical. They will satisfy - and astonish - even the most discerning audiophiles.

One warning: DIVA cables are extremely revealing. They will bring out the best of good quality components - such as, but not only - DIVA.

They will also show up the failings of components that are not up to par. If inserting a DIVA cable makes your hifi sounds ugly, check the other components first before jumping to any conclusions.

TOCCATA & FUGUE interconnects
- US$380 per set of two pairs

These interconnects are sold as a set because they sound best as a set.

    Toccatta is a soft, multi-strand cable for source (CD, DAC, phono amp, tuner) to preamp or integrated amplifier.

    Fugue is a stiffer, solid-core cable for preamp to power amp.

You can try switching them around. We assure you, they won't sound good that way.

If you need to buy just one pair, the cost will be US$200.

Length is approximately 1.8m.

Shorter lengths will cost the same, and will not sound as good.

For longer lengths, let us know your minimum requirement and we will calculate the best-sounding length for you. Longer lengths cost US$50 per additional metre.

MONGOOSE power cord
- US$148 per piece

The Mongoose is a small, harmless looking animal famous for its ability to kill deadly snakes. Since many expensive, high-end power cords are named after snakes, we thought it appropriate to call ours Mongoose.

The DIVA Mongoose certainly "kills" many snakes. Yet like the real mongoose, it is also small, thin, and harmless looking.

If only we could make it look fierce - big, fat and stiff - without changing the sound, we could probably sell it for at least five times the price. Unfortunately, such modifications to its appearance would degrade the sound quality of this amazing power cord. So we keep it simple and affordable.

Comes with Hubbell "hospital grade" wall plug and good quality IEC.




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