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DIVA supports its dealers and WILL NOT entertain enquiries for direct sales if there is a dealer in your country, or, in the case of large countries like USA, if there is a dealer reasonably near you.

Please check "DIVA dealers".

However, since we do not yet have a large dealer network, we will sell to you "factory direct" if you do not live near a DIVA dealer or if, for some reason, our dealers are unable to serve you.

DIVA amplifiers are made to order. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. We will begin work when we receive full pre-payment as a confirmation of your order.

DIVA cables and power cords are usually in stock. We will ship once we receive full pre-payment.

To buy DIVA "factory direct", please :Click here to contact DIVA Audio Classics

      Phone: (65) 9424 6696


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