DIVA Design Philosophy

The reasons why DIVA sounds great


DIVA designer T S Lim is a musician and music lover who cares deeply about music. He is trained as a tenor and plays the harmonica well enough to be rated among the best in the Asia-Pacific region. Lim is also an active member of the Mahler Society, Singapore.

His love for music and his deep involvement in music and the arts means that he knows exactly what to listen for in his designs. And he will not compromise on musicality.

For example, his power amplifiers use speaker binding posts that look "cheap" - even though they are not cheap. These are chosen because they sound the most musical, even though other, more impressive looking, binding posts might impress some audiophiles.


This means having the shortest, most direct circuit path. And having the least possible number of active components. "If one tube is enough, or if one capacitor is enough, I will not add another," Lim explains.


No unnecessary functions - no remote controls, no balance controls, no treble and bass controls, no mute switches, no delayed turn ons.... nothing that will degrade sound quality.

In fact, the basic DIVA preamps have only one set of inputs and one set of outputs for the best possible sound. However, those who need additional inputs, outputs or other functions can request for them, at the expense of a slight drop in sound quality.


Purity of the power supply has a very major influence - possibly the greatest influence - on the sound. Lim takes great pains to preserve the purity of the power supply. One way in which he does this is through a special "ripple remover" circuitry which he developed in the mid-1980s.

But again, this will not be at the expense of musicality. Lim knows full well that a DC (direct current) battery gives purer power than the AC (alternating current) mains supply. But he found that DC-powered amplifiers tend to sound less dynamic, less lively and overall, less musical.


All components that go into a DIVA have been carefully selected to make sure that each component works in synergy with all the rest. Lim does not choose components on the basis of brand name or price, but on how well they work in his designs.


DIVA products are extremely low in coloration, without their own character or "personality". They are designed to be as neutral as possible, so that they mix and match well with other brands:

DIVA pre- and power amplifiers match well with other components as well as with other brands of pre- and power amplifiers

DIVA power amplifiers work wonderfully with a wide range of loudspeakers


This means focussing on the whole rather than just one or two parts. In the design of amplifiers, it means looking beyond electronics to consider all other factors that affect sound quality. These include:

  • The dimensions, centre of gravity and material of the chassis
  • The pacement of components
  • Heat dissipation
  • Use of isolation cones - DIVA amplifiers do not come with rubber feet (oh no!) which affect sound badly. We recommend QI CONES, designed by a friend of T S Lim and made from speacially treated wood and crystal.

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